Alpha Ropes Top Cruiser Max – 10mm

$2.33 $2.09/ft

Alpha Ropes’ Top Cruiser Max is a double braided blended Dyneema® rope.

Core: 12 strand blended SK78/PP core, with urethane coating

Cover: 24 plait HT Polyester


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$2.33 $2.09
$2.33 $2.09
$2.33 $2.09
$2.33 $2.09
$2.33 $2.09


This very successful Alpha Ropes Top Cruiser Max has been modified in 2015 to achieve  better elongation results,  tapered possibilities, and  easier splicing. The 16 strand blended, Sk78/PP core  has been replaced with a coated 12 strand blended  SK78/PP core. The cover still is a 24 plait polyester, and a 24 plait polyester + Cordura® in the Kmix version. This new construction gives to this line an average of 60% lower elongation at 20%, and 50% of BL. This is a premium rope for every sailor looking for high level quality at an unmatched  price.


Diameter (MM)InchesBreaking Strength (lbs)
6mm1/4                                     2,646
8mm5/16                                     5,953
10mm3/8                                     8,378
12mm1/2                                  10,583


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