Alpha Ropes D-Cup Kmix – 5mm

$1.28 $1.15/ft

Alpha Ropes’ D-Cup Kmix is Double braid, 12 strand coated Dyneema® Sk78 core with a 24 plait mix HT Polyester/Cordura® cover.

Core: 12 strands coated Dyneema Sk78

Cover: 24 strands mix HT Polyester


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$1.28 $1.15
$1.28 $1.15


From Alpha Ropes comes a top quality high performance regatta rope with Dyneema Sk78 coated core and 24 braid HT Polyester cover. Alpha Ropes D-Cup Kmix is suitable for splicing and tapering, very low stretch, light weight, great durability. Excellent for halyards.

Diameter (MM)InchesBreaking Strength (lbs)
5mm3/16  2,911
6mm1/4  3,638
7mm1/4  4,630
8mm5/16  6,504
9mm3/8  8,929
10mm3/8 11,685
12mm1/2 18,299