Rig Inspection

Rig Inspection: Minimum of 3 hrs $400.00

Boats should be inspected by a professional rigger at least every two to three years .

We recommend all new customers start with a rig inspection. The inspection includes climbing your mast, checking the mast head fittings, and in-mast sheaves. For the deck level inspection we check the shrouds, stainless fittings, lifelines and lifeline fittings, gooseneck fittings, vang fittings, running rigging, winches, anchor fittings, sails, pulpit and stanchion bases, jib furlers, boom furlers, and more.
Rig inspections reveal weak points in your rigging that could be potentially dangerous. During rig inspections our goal is your safety.

Standing Rigging

From replacing or modifying to upgrading to the latest in lightweight rigging, Pacific Offshore Rigging is here to serve you.

When it becomes time to replace your standing rigging, we can help you through the process. Whether it’s replacing some old wires while the mast is standing or pulling your mast, we do what works best for the customer and we make sure the job is done right. We have upgraded rigs to Dyform, which is slightly stronger and lower stretched than standard 1 x 19 standing rigging. We have even upgraded rigs to rod, which can have substantial weight aloft reduction.

The latest upgrade is using synthetic rigging. We have used synthetic rigging in place of rod and/or wire. It provides the lightest weight aloft ratio. When we have reconditioned some cruising boats that originally had rod rigging, we have gone back to wire for substantial cost savings. When it comes time to replace or upgrade your standing rigging, Pacific Offshore Rigging is here to help you with your project.

Running Rigging

Pacific Offshore Rigging stocks line that will meet all of your running rigging needs.

Our line includes double braid polyesters to high-tech, low stretched aramid fibers. From standard eye splices to high-tech loops including chafe guards, halyard stripping and old fashioned wire to rope splices, we can make any type of running rigging that you desire. With a variety of colors and custom line, our products are structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Spar Modification

Older masts and booms can get a new life by reconditioning.

We pull the mast, remove all the hardware, and fair the paint better than new. This is also the time when modifications can be made to modernize the sail handling systems to make sailing easier and more fun.

New Mast & Boom

Whether you are building a new boat or refurbishing an old one, we supply a variety of new mast and booms ranging from aluminum to carbon. When it comes time to upgrading we can go through a variety of options we offer in order to engineer your mast or boom to your specific needs.

Furling Systems

Furling Systems make sailing easier, taking the hassle out of hoisting, dropping, changing, and storing your headsails. It helps you get to the enjoyment of sailing faster and allows you to stay out longer, allowing you to handle a variety of conditions with more ease.

We install new systems (Headsail, Inner-fore-stays, behind the mast Main Furler, in mast furling, Code 0’s, and Top down), instruct you how to use them, and service and maintain old systems.

Layout & Consulting

No sure how to make your boat more efficient? Or have you recently bought a boat and don’t understand the current layout? Give us a call and let us help you understand what will work best for your sailing needs. Our riggers have loads of knowledge on a variety of offered products that we would love to help you get to know.

Sailboat Commissioning

When purchasing a new or used boat from out of town, it is often delivered by truck. Upon delivery it comes off the truck, waiting to be assembled. POR is here to help you through process of organizing your time needed in a boat yard, assembling the mast and related hardware, and preparing your boat for sailing.

Leather Work

For adding grip and comfort, on your wheel, consider our custom leather work. Also consider putting it on your spreader tips to protect your sail. Leather is ideal because it is a material that is breathable, making it one of the better guards against chafing.

Boat Management

Let us manage your sailing and cruising programs. We take care of everything, you just need to come aboard and go sailing.

We maintain the boat, organize your crew, create racing schedules and plan for your regattas (even out of town). Our experience managing boat programs is extensive. We have handled all types of race boats, including ID35s, Far 40, Santa Cruise 52, Flying Tigers, J105s, J120s and more, as well as multiple cruising boats. Our team is ready to handle all aspects of your program!

Professional Coaching

In need of learning how to use your sailboat? Or have you recently had upgrades done and need to be shown how to use them? Let us know and we’d be happy to sail along with you. Several of our employees have been sailing for most of their lives and would love to show you how to maximize your sailing experience.

Architectural Rigging

Architectural rigging is a fantastic way to get a sleek, modern look for your home or office.

There are various applications to choose from. Whether it’s structural and/or architectural projects including railings, staircases, suspension bridges, patio awnings or more, Pacific Offshore Rigging can meet all of your custom expectations.