Selden Blocks – PBB80 Single Cheek Quick Lock Clockwise

  • Spring loaded arm for precise & reliable locking operation.
  • The spring holds the arm in open or closed positions.
  • Quick Lock function is intended for temporary use only, and does not replace a normal clutch or cleat.
  • Acetal sheave (PBB60). Glass fibre reinforced sheave w/ polymer bushing (PBB80).
  • Torsionally rigid cheeks in glass fibre filled composite prevent jamming of line.
  • Loads are absorbed by a stainless strap inside the cheeks.  A safety feature quite typical for Selden products.
  • Fit cheek blocks so that they align with the direction of total load



Weight: 395.00 g

Breaking Load: 4000 kg

Safe working Load: 2000 kg

System: PBB80

Max line size: 16 mm

Upper breaking load:  kN

Upper safe working load:  kN

Mounting: 3xM8

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 5 in