Selden Blocks – BBB60 Fiddle/Becket

BBB’s are used where the loads are more moderate & dynamic. The ball bearings provide for good sheave rotation with the lowest possible friction.

The BBB60 blocks are available both with ball bearings in Delrin as well as Stainless steel. The Delrin version is a low weight alternative for moderate loads.

  •  5 mm Delrin ball bearings and 60 mm Acetal sheave.
  • Cheeks made of glass fibre reinforced composite.



Weight: 165.00 g

Safe working Load: 500 kg

Breaking Load: 1000 kg

Max line size: 10 mm

Pin diam: mm

Shackle diam: mm

System: BBB60

Block type: fiddleBecket

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 8 in