Standing Rigging

From replacing or modifying to upgrading to the latest in lightweight rigging, Pacific Offshore Rigging is here to serve you.

When it becomes time to replace your standing rigging, we can help you through the process. Whether it’s replacing some old wires while the mast is standing or pulling your mast, we do what works best for the customer and we make sure the job is done right. We have upgraded rigs to Dyform, which is slightly stronger and lower stretched than standard 1 x 19 standing rigging. We have even upgraded rigs to rod, which can have substantial weight aloft reduction.

The latest upgrade is using synthetic rigging. We have used synthetic rigging in place of rod and/or wire. It provides the lightest weight aloft ratio. When we have reconditioned some cruising boats that originally had rod rigging, we have gone back to wire for substantial cost savings. When it comes time to replace or upgrade your standing rigging, Pacific Offshore Rigging is here to help you with your project.