GRAND OPENING: Pacific Offshore Marine

Pacific Offshore Rigging is happy to announce the GRAND OPENING of its official marine store, Pacific Offshore Marine. The expansion began almost 4 months ago, with relocating the company’s office to the back of the shop, allowing it to be the hub between both the service department and the resale side of things. In April, the company took over the space next door, in order to allow its clients a place to browse and hand pick their own replacement hardware, rope, and any other miscellaneous parts they may like. POR values the importance of having a marine store with well educated sailors and riggers at the ready to answer any of its customers questions and feels combining both service and retail will allow a better experience for its clients. With taking on the task of expansion, POR felt that the hire of an official Store Manager was necessary and welcomed Liz Levitt to the team. Liz has been a huge part in helping with the organization of new and old inventory, working one on one with vendors, and assisting the team in this large undertaking.

Pacific Offshore Rigging encourages everyone to stop by the next couple of weeks to see the progress of the store and to join us for the GRAND OPENING Thursday  July 31st, 2014 beginning at 3pm. The event will consist of food & beverage, a raffle, giveaways, and tours of the renovated spaces.

The POR Team can’t wait to share this exciting new expansion with you and they hope to see you at the GRAND OPENING!


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